Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Role of Physics in The Environment

To most of the students, whether in secondary or college level, Physics is such a monster that is so scary. It is never known to most of everybody that Physics is not just a pain in the brain but is also an amazing gift to man.

Physics is undeniably involved in everything. From the birth of the universe, physics was there and it will be until the doom of man. It was very helpful in the progress of the world. It helped us survive simplicity and enhanced our ability to be productive citizens. Through Physics, we were able to understand many things that we thought mysterious and could never be explained before. We were also able to reach places that were beyond our imagination.

In our environment, it is always thought that Physics could do more harm than good. One good example is a nuclear plant. A nuclear plant could be very helpful in providing energy in our country. One was built in Bataan, but it was never used because of some health and environmental issues. The use of dynamites in fishing is doing more harm than good. You can get lots of fish but you are also killing young ones and destroy the natural habitat of water creatures. So does it mean that Physics is a big threat to the environment and to the existence of man?

No. Physics could never be a threat if we will use it for the benefit of all and not for the benefit of one. When we apply Physics, we should always think that it is a gift that should be used with care. We can use it to reciprocate its adverse effects, like we can think of ways to minimize, if not to eliminate, the harm of pollution in our environment. We can apply many principles in Physics to further improve the condition of the world. We can also extend our quest for planets if this world could not accommodate more humans in the future.

Our world is not getting any younger. Before we knew it, we could be in a place with devastating atmosphere. Through Physics, we can make this world a better one. We can help save our environment as early as now by doing well in our Physics studies, so that in the future we can think of ways to help and contribute in the making of a healthy environment. We should always remember that Physics is not a monster to be scared of. It is a gift. It may be a pain in the brain now but it will be a great source of ideas, innovations and help in the future.


Qreux said...

i wrote this essay for my Physics 1 subject last year. wala lang. gusto ko lang magbigay-pugay sa Physics kasi nakapasa ako this sem (Physics 2). hehe! naka-uno yata ako nung final term... nyahaha! actually hindi ko rin alam kung ano ginawa ng prof namin sa grade ko/namin, pero... basta, masaya! salamat Puma!

Air Acilegna said...

saludo ako sa pagbibigay pugay mo les!! hihi!!

to be honest, nung nabasa ko yung title parang ayoko ng basahin,, pero since halos nabasa ko na buong first paragraph.. tinapos ko na.. hehe.. (gulo ko!)

congrats sa uno mo! hihi! (-.-)

Qreux said...

haha, i know air, makita ko nga lang yung word na PHYSICS tinatamad na ko eh. hehe

Ferdz said...

ano b yun... walang k kwenta kwentang post... hehe... adik sa gunbound